Equipment in Styria

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Technological line for yoghurt processing
Price on request
Normit food, S.R.O., SK +5 ads
This universal homogenization device with a pasteurizer is designed for a wide range of food products, from liquid to highly viscous, with...
Pneumatics, electroautomatics, for individual production
Wholesale price
from €2,000/pc
Універсальні інженерні рішення, LLC, UA +3 ads
An engineering manufacturing company with skilled workers produces and manufactures a variety of manufactured goods for small and medium-sized...
HVAC and special products filter system
Price on request
Incircioglu, LS, TR +5 ads
Specific types of hvac, cyclone, filter system, radial fan, axial fan, ahu, duct type, ahu, roof type, exproof etc. units can be produced...
Настольный пельменный аппарат JGT-60
Price on request
Запад-Восток, LLC, RU +8 ads
Компактный пельменный аппарат JGT-60. Пельменный аппарат JGT-60 является электро-механическим устройством работающим от сети переменного тока...
Комплектация термички "под ключ", с обучением
$6,000/Комплект (компл) DDP
Stanok expert, LLC, RU +80 ads
Продам Предприятие осуществляет комплексное оснащение литейного производства "под ключ". Поможем создать с "0" и запустить на полную...
In neighboring regions
Industrial water treatment equipment
Price on request
Litech Aqua, LLC, UA +9 ads
We offer high-quality equipment for water treatment Litech Aqua TM (produced in Ukraine) Using many years of practical experience, we can solve...
Vultures for powerlifting and weightlifting
$850/pc DAP  
Wholesale price
Cherkasy Weight Bars, SP, UA
Professional vultures.
Plastic bucket
$0.49/pc FCA  
Wholesale price
Торг, SP, TM +2 ads
We are offering you our new unique plastic bucket. The offered thing is round, quality and affordable prices. It can be used for storage and...
U45 Rivet Hinged Conveyor belt Fasteners for 7-11 mm belts
30/Комплект (компл) EXW  
Wholesale price
from €28/Комплект (компл)
Конвейер Сервис, LLC, UA +1 ad
U45 Rivet Hinged Conveyor belt Fasteners is ideal for use on rubber-plied conveyor belts 7-11 mm, delivering performance and long life with easy...
Condensed Milk ProductionLine
Price on request
Normit food, S.R.O., SK +5 ads
We offer technology of production of condensed milk method recovery of powdered milk and mixing with sugar for creating a supersaturated solution...
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